The Copperstate 1000 app is now available!

The Copperstate 1000 app, by Cyberitas Technologies has been developed for fans, with more in-depth features for rally participants.

Copperstate 1000 fans of all ages, can get photos and descriptions on the 80+ rare, vintage cars on the Copperstate 1000 rally. Use it as your personal tour guide as you walk the Tempe Diablo Stadium for the send-off, or use it year round and search by car number or marque. A public itinerary is also available for the events at Tempe Diablo Stadium. After the rally is complete, fans get access to everything participants see. You'll get access to all route details for the 4-day, 1,000 journey. See where they stayed and which roads they took.

For participants whom login, think of this as your handheld navigator and route book. There is a detailed, 5-day itinerary with links to key locations. And all 4 days of the 1,000 mile rally is available with turn-by-turn directions and maps - whether you have cellular service or not. You'll also be able to browse all of the participating cars to find detailed descriptions, information and photos of your fellow rally goers. And if you ever need anything, the contacts tab will supply you with everything from emergency services, tow trucks, rally mechanics to hotels.

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